How To Clean Your Contact Lenses

How To Clean Your Contact Lenses

Maintaining clean contact lenses is crucial for both the longevity of the lenses and the health of your eyes. Improper handling and cleaning can lead to eye infections, discomfort, and damage to the lenses themselves. In this blog, we'll explore a comprehensive guide on how to effectively clean your contact lenses.

Cleaning Debris and Buildups

The first step in contact lens care is removing visible debris and buildups such as dust, makeup, and protein deposits. Initially, rinsing the lenses with fresh contact lens solution can wash away some of these particles. However, to remove stubborn buildups, gently rubbing the lenses with the solution is essential. It's important to balance the pressure; rubbing too gently might not remove all residues, while rubbing too forcefully might damage the lenses. Finding the right technique is key to keeping your lenses clear and intact.

Disinfecting Your Lenses

Disinfection is a critical step in preventing eye infections. Contact lenses should be soaked in the contact solution for at least 4-6 hours to effectively eliminate germs and bacteria. Shortening this soaking time can leave bacteria behind, potentially leading to eye irritation or redness. Always ensure you're using enough time to allow the contact solution to work thoroughly.

Removing Protein Deposits

Over time, protein deposits can accumulate on your lenses, limiting oxygen transmission to the cornea and making lens wear uncomfortable. Regular multipurpose solutions or hydrogen peroxide solutions cannot effectively remove these proteins. For a deeper clean, a specially designed contact lens protein remover should be used. This helps in maintaining optimal lens hygiene and comfort.

Advanced Cleaning Technology: ReO2 Contact Lens Cleaner

For those looking for an advanced solution, the ReO2 contact lens cleaner offers a revolutionary approach. Utilizing pioneering Electrophoresis-Disintegration technology, it can remove 94.7% of protein deposits and restore 94% of oxygen transmissibility in as little as 10 minutes. The ReO2 contact lens cleaner generates hypochlorous acid through electrolysis, which eliminates 99.999% of bacteria in just 3 minutes, ensuring a high level of sterilization.

Keeping your contact lenses clean is essential for both eye health and comfort. While traditional contact lens solutions focus on removing debris and disinfecting, which requires proper hand-rubbing and extended soaking, the ReO2 contact lens cleaner provides a more effective and efficient way to maintain lens hygiene by targeting protein deposits and bacteria vigorously with advanced technology.

Having passed comprehensive experimentation and meticulous testing in accordance with FDA guidelines, the ReO2 contact lens cleaner has achieved the prestigious FDA 510(k) clearance, ensuring that you can keep your lenses safe and comfortable to wear.

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