The Ultimate Solution for Dry Eyes: Removing Protein Deposits

The Ultimate Solution for Dry Eyes: Removing Protein Deposits

Dry eyes can cause frustration and discomfort, especially for those who wear contact lenses. While lens solutions offer some moisture, the presence of protein deposits presents a significant obstacle. These larger molecules have a tendency to stick to the tiny pores of contact lenses, impeding their ability to retain moisture effectively. As a result, wearers often experience the discomfort of dry eyes, despite using lens solutions.

In this blog, we will explore how ReO2, a cutting-edge contact lens cleaner, addresses the issue of dry eyes by efficiently removing protein buildup. Discover the ultimate solution that helps maintain optimal moisture levels in your lenses, providing relief from dryness and enhancing your overall wearing experience.

Contact lenses serve as sponges, absorbing moisture from solutions to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day. This feature allows for comfortable and extended wear. However, over time, protein deposits accumulate on the lens surface, forming a barrier that interferes with proper moisture absorption. 

As a result, wearers may experience dryness, discomfort, and even blurred vision. Resolving this issue requires a reliable and efficient method to remove protein buildup and restore the lenses' ability to retain moisture effectively. 

Protein deposits are large molecules found in tears. When they come into contact with contact lenses, these proteins adhere to the lens surface and penetrate the tiny pores of the lens structure. As the deposits accumulate, they create a rough and irregular surface, leading to decreased lens performance and compromised moisture retention. Traditional cleaning methods and solutions often struggle to effectively remove these stubborn protein deposits, leaving wearers with ongoing dryness issues.

ReO2, a groundbreaking contact lens cleaner, offers a game-changing solution for dry eyes caused by protein buildup.

Drawing inspiration from the Nobel Prize-winning technique of electrophoresis, ReO2 utilizes cutting-edge technology to effectively eliminate protein deposits from contact lenses, achieving an impressive removal rate of up to 94.7%. In contrast, typical solutions can only eliminate 5%-12% of protein deposits after 12 hours of soaking. This innovative cleaning process involves applying an electrical field to the lenses, causing the negatively charged tear proteins to detach and be removed under the influence of the electric field.

By utilizing electrophoresis, ReO2 successfully eliminates tear proteins that have adhered to the lens surface and penetrated its pores. This revolutionary process ensures thorough and effective protein removal, restoring the lenses' clarity and enabling optimal moisture absorption. With ReO2, contact lens wearers can experience enhanced comfort and reduced dryness, eliminating the discomfort associated with protein buildup.

The removal of protein deposits with ReO2 has a direct impact on maintaining optimal moisture levels in contact lenses. By clearing the tiny pores of the lens structure, ReO2 allows the lenses to function as intended, absorbing and retaining moisture more efficiently. As a result, wearers can enjoy improved lens performance and a reduced risk of dry eyes. The restoration of moisture balance provides a comfortable and refreshing wearing experience throughout the day.

ReO2 offers numerous benefits beyond protein removal and moisture enhancement. Its advanced cleaning technology also helps to prevent bacterial growth on the lens surface, minimizing the risk of eye infections. Furthermore, ReO2 is compatible with a wide range of contact lenses, making it a versatile and reliable solution for various lens types and materials. 

Dry eyes caused by protein buildup can significantly impact the comfort and clarity of contact lens wearers. However, with the advent of ReO2, the ultimate solution for dry eyes, wearers can now enjoy improved moisture retention, enhanced comfort, and reduced dryness. By effectively removing protein deposits, ReO2 ensures that contact lenses can fulfill their role as moisture-absorbing agents, providing a reliable and enjoyable wearing experience.

Say goodbye to dry eyes and embrace the optimal moisture levels ReO2 brings to your contact lens journey.

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