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ReO2 Gen 6 Clean Capsule Replacement

ReO2 Gen 6 Clean Capsule Replacement

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Clean Capsule Replacement Highlights 

Need to work with ReO2 Gen 6

94% oxygen transmissibility restore

94.7% protein removal rate

99.999% bacteria killing rate

FDA 510k approval

No mechanical vibration

1 Year Bundle:  2x Cleaning Capsule Replacement

2 Years Bundle: 4x Cleaning Capsule Replacement

Cleaning Capsule LifetimeThe cleaning capsule is recommended for replacement after six months of individual use, ensuring optimal performance with proper care

ReO2 is an innovative contact lens cleaner created by a team of ophthalmologists,  hardware engineers, and software engineers, who combined their extensive clinical experience, engineering prowess, and feedback from contact lens wearers to develop this groundbreaking product. 

Best For: everyday soft contact lens wearers, soft contact lens wearers who suffer from dry eye.

NOT Suitable: RGP contact lenses

  • After Cleaning: You need to empty the used solution from the cleaning capsule after the cleaning process is finished. Please add fresh solution when contact lenses need to be stored in the capsule. 
  • Before Wearing: Please fully soak or rinse the contact lenses with fresh solutions for a minimum of 30 seconds before wearing them.
  • Solution: ReO2 Gen 6 and ReO2 Travel are compatible with various common multi-function solutions and 0.9% sodium chloride solutions. However, they cannot work with hydrogen peroxide solutions or solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide.

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