About Us

 We are 3N - a team of ophthalmologists, hardware engineers, and software engineers dedicated to providing natural, novel, and nourishing solutions for eye health.

Our journey began nine years ago when our CEO, Dr. Sun, a third-year resident doctor in ophthalmology, learned that many people are feeling uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses. This realization led Dr. Sun to recognize that ordinary people lack knowledge about contact lens care. So Dr. Sun started with the goal of generating a solution and helping more people. This led Dr. Sun to quit her job as an ophthalmologist and become an inventor and entrepreneur.

Adapting electrophoresis technology for contact lens care, which is typically reserved for expensive laboratory equipment, was a challenging process. The main challenge was how to effectively remove large lacrimal proteins that had penetrated the contact lens. While lacrimal protein can be charged and moved in an electrical field, the limited space in a consumer appliance means a weaker electrical field must be applied.

Despite trying various methods for the first 2-3 years, all failed. Through intensive research and testing, we eventually discovered a way to cleave the peptide bonds of the lacrimal protein, turning it into smaller molecules. In doing so, we discovered a sweet side effect: hypochlorous acid is generated during the peptide bond cleavage process, which can effectively kill bacteria and is safe for human use.

With this breakthrough, we launched ReO2 Generation 1 soon after. ReO2 received immense praise from ophthalmologists and contact lens wearers alike, and it was approved by the FDA as a contact lens care methodology.